Ignorance Breeds

by Splitknuckle

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released November 2, 2016

All music by SKC
Artwork by Christy O'Connor
Mixed/Mastered by Adam Oakley

Guest vocals by Josh Gibbons on Distance Of Peace, Chris Hansen and Brad Gibbons on Some Kill Composure and John Kata on This Is Yours



all rights reserved


Rage UK

Metal / Hardcore record label based in the UK.

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Track Name: Perpetual State of Conflict
Smiles don't mean shit
Got the charm when face to face
Think that I'm weak
But your name I will disgrace
You're nothing to me
I gave you forgiveness and a second chance but at a second glance it's only my hate for you that you enhance
Why couldn't I see that it would end like this?
I am so sorry you fooled me
Such a waste of space
they won't recognise your face
Crossed the line it's fine it's time
Won't find a trace of your disgrace
What's done is and you know you cannot run
All your actions have done is left you alone with noone
I'm gonna be who you weren't
Unlike you my voice will be heard
Treated you how I wanted to be treated
And now I just treat you how you treat me
Made it this way
Fucking done
No time left in my life
For the cunts
Second chances kept for nothing
For these lies to leave you
Track Name: Ex. 1
Only been pouring fuel on the fire
Beneath my feet
A positive mindset is so hard to keep
When everytime I wake I wish to fall back asleep
My life is on pause
Remember when it wasn't this way
It's nails digging in
It's every fucking day
True happiness unavailable
Fire on a match - a short stay is inevitable
I cannot look back being this way
Kicking my legs out from underneath me
In fear of something I cannot see
All I want is my mind to be set free
Something to give me a guarantee
The more attention I give to you
Makes it much harder to try and push through
But this isn't new
I've just never had a fucking clue
Nothing seems to let me cut these ties and start new
Then again this is the mindset caused by this problem
Still stuck in the same place I visit so often
There is people who care to be fair
But don't wanna share
I swear I'll scare
'Cause they ain't aware
Fucking sick of keeping distances
This wants to kill my existence
This is how it's fucking made me
But I rise to my feet
This is how it's fucking made me
This ain't a one way street
Alone or happy you are there
Trying to discourage all the time
Sometimes I give away your existence
Your gift of hell is mine
Will not quit
Cannot break
My life is not yours to take
Try again
The same result
Your underestimation of my will is your fault
Self orchestrated labotomy
To free myself from this grip on me
Took some time but now I see
The only option is to believe it can set free
One day you could kill me
You nearly did
If I can't stop you now
I'd have lost the fight that I always hid
Track Name: Distance of Peace
How do we know whether we should
Live out lives in realistic bitterness
Or try turn things around
To try and help better this
There's a glimpse of the beauty
But every day you see a glimpse of the shit
Living under a shadow
You can't fuck with it
Too many that are innocent
Can't live off what they earn
Many things shitting on this world
We forget that hatreds only learnt
They don't talk about the bankers bonuses
And they don't care about the fucking homelessness
Determination for a vision to change decision could prompt some revision and then maybe someone will listen
It gets worse every day
Peace just seems so distant, fucked the world into this condition
The scum of the earth
Wars waged for the greed of a few
Pain for generations carried through
The eyes of the less fortunate
Can't produce tears anymore
Born into this world of hate
some seem to adore
It's left us blind and afraid
There is more hatred than the world can contain
Desensitisation to those still enslaved
Not bad, for the ones that go unscathed
The eyes of the less fortunate
Can't produce tears anymore
Born into this world of hate
some seem to adore
Evils either side of innocence
Creating distance and ignorance
Breeding sadistic citizens
A plague since the start of our existence
And still people being dragged out
Lined up in the street and shot
Coexisting if they're same ethnicity
If they're not then they want them to rot
Impossible to see
A world that will ever be free
Track Name: Some Kill Composure
Please be caureful who you trust
Double faces tend to rise up from the dust
Fuck their use of time
Been blessed with first and second families
Kept loyalty and trust that's clear to see
Through problems we're still here
Give a fuck about those who will soon disappear
Track Name: Refuge
ou've never felt their fear
You've never felt their hunger
You've never felt their desperation
To protect their younger
Most day to day problems we face
Wouldn't bother them
They're struggling
But we can't let them in?
It's fucked up that it doesn't bother you
Because it's their fault for not being born here too?
With these ideas people are infected
With seeing them as being anywhere near effective
What's the point in acting proud
Of something you didn't choose?
If it was so fucking easy
I'd have been born far away from people like you
You resist
The idea that they don't have a choice
And you say fight them off..
Do you expect them to fight with their kids army toys?
Fuck how you think
Fuck your inability to understand this
Trust me I have a good idea
Let's swap your kind out for those who truly live in fear
Then you see day to day through their fucking eyes
You'll never know a day in their life could surprise you
So clueless
To how things are for them
Been through this
You've never lived their life
Just because of their misfortune
They have to pay the price? Nah
Refugees welcome
Save your discontent
Refugees welcome
Turn your anger to the government
Track Name: Approaching Circumspection
This is in chronological order,
No pain is passing
Straight from the depths of pity
All isn't what it seems
No more floating, get shit together
Easy to wonder
Why people only start caring when you stop
That's life
One of many things that shouldn't be a concern anymore
Really isn't worth caring
When it's just a one way street
Fuck away and if they don't stay
Filtering of shit is complete
Kill your love by testing it
It ain't real if you question it
And if it ain't real then it ain't shit
If it ain't shit don't fuck with it
8 billion people in the world
Who the fuck are you
The devolution of humanity is nothing new
Stupid as fuck
Ran outta luck too
Crossed the line of shit you can undo
I don't care who you think I am
I don't care who you think I'm not
I appreciate the kind of person you're not
So much bullshit and I'm done with it
Don't preach when you're a hypocrite
You ain't about what you say you are
With real people fakery can only get you so far
Putting up walls left right and centre
Without dickheads shit gets better
Time after time
Forgiveness only gets you so far
Track Name: This Is Yours
A certified distracted individual
People's intentions subliminal
Wanna uppercut bad luck and never feel like I'm stuck
But sometimes it's difficult
I dunno how different things would be
If this family hadn't distracted me
Im a mess and a liability
But no matter what I do they still back me
Drifting for many years
I have found my home
Never truly alone
Some have talked of negativity
Lets focus on the positives
Different crews and styles all over the uk
We wouldn't have it any other way
North south
East west
Divided and frustrated
This country still has issues
Few know what hardcore is
Most don't have a clue
This is yours
This is anybodies who takes it
It won't be dictated
This is yours
I've seen the changes in the scene
New crews, a bigger family
All bound in a loyalty
To keep what's ours
I've watched the faces come and go
But UKHC will never dissolve
This music strengthens our resolve
To keep what's ours
Don't ever think you can try shit on what we have
One way or another
You could get baxed out
Respect the things you don't understand
These things you claim to know about
From different places with different lives
This is expression