Demo (2014)

by Overturn

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Recorded by Cameron Reeves, Ben Samways & Jack Orba
Mixed & Mastered by Jack Orba


released December 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Rage UK

Metal / Hardcore record label based in the UK.

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Track Name: Intro / Diminish
As equal to me as I am to you, divided we grow as sanity deteriorates. How much longer can this culture of inequality sustain? To enforce this level of ill-treatment is a crime against humanity. The divided people, the divided soul. All signs of reasoning have gone, irrelevant boundaries fuelling the minds of all. We must ignore Babylon’s orders to betray our brothers & our sisters. In Silence.
Track Name: Shrouded
Controlled within this slave condition, no-one comprehends the actuality. Unrelenting orders to pre-occupy, in-order to maintain my position. Focus I must overcome, replace false schemes of un-productivity. Shrouded behaviour to disguise my identity of their worst fears. A mind-set dead against their will, using their time effectively for myself. Not willing to settle for their standards of a devoid existence. Silently forging creativity quietly forming a place of meaning. I will never stand in line. I will never sell myself out. Transcending all expectations forced upon myself.
Track Name: Fear Within
Afraid of the isolation, too scared to make a difference. Awaken my senses to feel what’s right, transfix my mind to sacrifice. Justice for the injustice. External forces define my choices. I pray for the winds of change, a change in thinking, where my actions stray. The fear is in my mind, my truest form hides inside. I regret not being strong enough, to give up my body, to incarcerate my soul, and surrender my existence, to release myself from this doubt. Find my strength, blind my fear. Transform my pain into something worthy. This suffering will remain until I make a change.