Void of Hatred

by Chamber

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released January 31, 2017

Recorded & produced at Dark Wave Studio, Nottingham by Joni Butler, January 2017.
Guest vocals on "Uniform Terror" by George Inman.



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Rage UK

Metal / Hardcore record label based in the UK.

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Track Name: Voidstepper
Track Name: No Excuse
I’ve had it up to here, I have had enough
Enough of all you racist thugs
Who come into our town and try to act tough
You spread your words of hatred and racial abuse
There’s no reason no, no way. There’s no excuse
For the way you act, for the way that you act up
In front of all your brain-dead crew
We can see that you are all see through
We see through your hate, we see it in your eyes
You’ve got no fucking backbone
It’s time to realise
Learn the error of your ways
You’re coming to an end of your pathetic days
Track Name: Hatred Reigns
Locked away in that prison all alone
My mind and the demons became one
Voices spoke to me in the night
Tormented souls trapped with no light
They lurked in the shadows
Asked me for a means to be free
Escape through my soul, feed off of me
Feed off the suffering that I was dealt
The mental torture, endless pain that I felt
Driven to a point of no return
Hatred rained on me as I felt my skin burn
It seared through my flesh
Soaked me to the core
Life was over
Happiness, no more
Track Name: Loose Head
Screwed my head on backwards
Desperate thoughts in my mind
Attract the worst of me
Try to tighten it
But the bolts break
Desperate thoughts spiral round
Head comes crashing toward the ground
Thoughts of death creeping through
The reapers handshake firm and true
These days I just don’t feel good enough
I can’t seem to gain my own trust
Track Name: Uniform Terror
Monsters in uniform
Spread terror at their will
They slaughter innocent lives
Murder for the thrill
I’m ashamed of my race and the colour of my skin
I hate this fucked up world of hate
That we are living in
Uniform terror
Fuck the corrupt cops who abide by their own law
Fuck white pride and power
Let’s drag them to the floor
I hate this world of hate
That we are living in
It’s time to stand up tall now
Cus we will not give in
Track Name: Chamber