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by Built Upon Hatred

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Recorded at none other than Stuck On A Name studios.



released March 1, 2017

Stuck On A Name Studios



all rights reserved


Rage UK

Metal / Hardcore record label based in the UK.

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Track Name: Futile Innocence
The lights illuminate
The skies above
Through seas of brume
The stench swims down

This haunting beauty
Blinds my gaze
Through rubble and smoke
Cries of futile innocence
Decompose in my ears

The cold mist in her glare
Tells me she's in scared
And as if we became one
Her sweat drenched hands
Seeped into my pores

During this moment
Was when I heard you cry
Through petrified shrieks
"If it were to end now
I'm glad it was with you"

The mass panic spawns cries
Of nauseous horror and disgust
This is cemented affliction
Purified and assimilated
Through our veins

And through the image
Of the skull of a child, leaking a mixture of brain matter and dirt from the shoes of the more fortunate, left for dead in the hopes their guardian survives.

A maternal betrayal seared into my mind, amplified by the small broken body before me, trampled and brutalized by the madding crowd we have become one with.

Engulfed. By the horde of people.

Confused by the vile path that lies ahead...I felt your touch fade to memory. x2

I felt your touch fade to memory
With the final setting of the sun
Track Name: Breed The Suffering
Our humanity was lost years ago
The taste of distress in the air confirms this
Palpable tension revisited for the purpose of survival, possibly for pleasure, greed and ego belies the suffering of man.

And as homes become ravaged for sport,
Savage looters mimic the animals.
Fucking, burrowing, breeding, feeding in the rotting carcass's left in the dirt, in a worthless attempt to avoid the foul air.

The shelves of food become bare.
Protruding in the empty streets from shops like the rib cages of the dead, blistering, fermenting in the sun.

Close your eyes
Close your eyes
Hide from the horrors

The horrors that await

Breed the suffering
Force my eyes to witness
The horrors that await
All of us


And as my eyes
Are opened to this new world
I feel tranquil at last

Finding comfort in the agony
and distress.