Testaments Of Hope & Despair

by Realm of Torment

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released October 23, 2015

Drums recorded by Chris Sanderson & Stu Mckay @ Studio 6
Guitars & Bass recorded by Harley Maryon
Vocals recorded by Jack Orba

Mixed & Mastered by Harley Maryon



all rights reserved


Rage UK

Metal / Hardcore record label based in the UK.

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Track Name: Slave Nation
Society is hung by a thread & you hold the knife.

Let it swing...
Track Name: Fetch / Execute
Blood is not tied to stone. Pave your road to heaven with the bodies of innocents you've slaughtered.

Using a tool of peace as a weapon of suffering.
Countless past mistakes lay forgotten as another genocide carries on. Ignored by a world too ashamed to speak.
Saving a piece of land, but destroying your soul.

Mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters.

Will taking the lives of children to preserve your piece of holy rock bring you closer to the divine one. Your hypocrisy will outweigh where you lay your head in the end. Your holy land is a lie, & when your time is finished you'll realise as your stare into the young lives cut short. Lying in the in the dust you call sacred. Your hypocrisy will outweigh where you lay your head in the end.
Track Name: Pain Incarnate
Love dissected by your heart, consumed by selfish pride.
Your will to control overshadows their right to acceptance.

Mirrored blood beneath the skin, yet inequality scorches the mind.
A sting so sharp through the heart they feel abandoned .Confused, Rejected.

One simple responsibility to ease the pain.
Parental negligence to maintain your feelings of safety.

Mirrored blood beneath the skin, but disrespect is the guiding light.
Uncompromising in the eyes of provocation.

The cries of the pain incarnate.
The cries, pain incarnate.
Track Name: ...From My Cold Dead Hands
The problem is not the solution, as you seek to protect from the danger you've created.

Willing to ignore the problems left outside…from your cold dead hands. Carved into the mind of the ones left behind. Cast into the bodies of the survivors. Left to live in a live still blinded.

Blaming the influence, while still defending the access. Content with the death toll, unless it effects yourself.
Devoid of any common sense, your loved ones could be next.
Freedom to shoot, freedom to die, ignorant times.

A gunshot born from lunacy, self-entitled beyond belief.
Why do you think that this warfare is so crucial?

Gunshots still ring in the hall of knowledge.
Covered in stains that won’t ever wash out.
Track Name: Transpose
Power rests with the misplaced hearts, depriving the purest intentions.
Never-ending attempts to offer divinity, ignored for the convenience.

Reject their false attention.
Subvert control below.

Communication must offer resistant, empowerment to those who mean well.
Hope may still arrive, if we lay birth to virtue today.

Over-ride this transgression.

The process of, deposition.
To erupt turmoil beneath the foundations, the soil must breathe.
Track Name: Premonitions Of The Afterlife
Broken from birth.
Everything you've ever wished for, everyone you've ever cared for fades away.

I've tried to fix your suffering.
I've tried to make the pain go away.
I'll try to cure this Poison.


As your eyes roll back.
Into your beautiful skull.
And that perfect smile, becomes displaced.
A line and some affection, & you're gone for the night.

The destruction will catch you & put me out of my misery, but I'd do it all again to taste your...
Track Name: The Quiet Under The Moon
As I come to you, with these confessions. I can only cry at my selfishness.

And as I bleed you out, you lose faith in me. As I bleed you out, as you bleed all over me.

This twisted deception, your broken lungs. How can I disregard you? Who am I?

For all you offer me, I bring you anguish & pain. A shadow of who I need to be, a misguided soul.

This twisted deception, your broken lungs.

As I bleed you out.

I kill your dreams.
As I bleed you out.
I kill your dreams.
Track Name: Misanthropy
I will endure.
I’ll take a stance alone, foreboding.
A testament of strength over me.

Watch my skin turn, a shatter of bone. Father of love, send an angel of peace.

Oh grant me death, there is no other option. Only the strong survive.
Only the strong survive, in an environment that’s vicious.
You can live, but are you alive?

The greed, the instinct.
It’s as natural as your sense of higher power. It’s fucking false.

This is the end. The conscious destroyer of the good earth is coming & it can’t be stopped.

Unrelenting, unstoppable malice. It’s within you, the one that enslaves is something more.

You’ve polluted your own mind, what will you do when propaganda backfires?

Mankind is blindly marching forward into the gates of hell. Welcome an age of no morality that humanity has brought upon itself.
Track Name: Anathema
A hopeless prophecy that could never be fulfilled. Years of judging, just to be judged. Imprisoned by your own selfish rules. You’re on your own.

Abandoned by your mistakes. Trapped in a cycle of suffering. A slave to your own mind. Envy & regret are tantamount.

Will grabbing onto a slightest bit of affection make you sleep better at night, drowning in a sea of false hope.

Stop weeping over past mistakes. Dejection for a day.

I'd end this worthless existence to be at peace with you. To twist the knife deeper into your wretched rotting heart.

Staring into the vast nothingness that is your soul. No dignity, responsibility, ethics. A corrupted child with nothing to offer to the world. I pray for nothing more than to wash these memories from my head.
Track Name: Your Sanctum Fades
The truth hangs above our heads, with each opportunity for progression missed. I’m tired of witnessing the distance between us grow each passing second, all we have to do is offer a helping hand & warm heart. A culture divided, preventing our chance to flourish.

Rusting away within our one environment of safety. We’re burning the flames that we once ignited to bring freedom A battle to destroy our sanctuary.

External forces are tightening the grip on our life-force. Our inability to coexist will banish our potential threat.

In this simply to support your own kind, unable to show some gratitude. Corrosion of the soul.

Your sanctum fades with the walls you help to maintain. Your sanctum fades amongst the hate you inject. Your sanctum fades with the words you fail to connect. Your sanctum fades amongst the love you fail to project. I cry for you, I cry for your lack of honour, I can only hope that you wake up.

I cry.