Mourn Her

by Blinded

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Recorded with: Daniel Kent
Mixed By: Daniel Kent
Mastered By: Elliott Gallart at Chameleon Sound


released October 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Rage UK

Metal / Hardcore record label based in the UK.

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Track Name: Enemy
(Feat. Akira Asahina from Broken)

Wounds that never heal, Nothing left to feel.
Tearing from my chest for all to see,
A heartless mess, no release.
From this pain, it's not your fault it's mine.
Pull me apart then and there,
Do it like you don't fucking care.
No you can't see,
How your words are fucking killing me.
No you can't see,
Just what you're fucking doing to me.
Day by day,
How much more must i pay.
What else must i give,
Why won't you let me fucking live.
There's no place for me, And you just watch me suffer.
I'm lying to myself, Thinking i can make it out,
I can't lift my hands, You'll never understand.
I'm lying to myself, Thinking i can make it out.
Why can't you see, You're fucking killing me.
You're killing me, Just fucking kill me.
Track Name: Symphony of Mistakes
Our symphony of mistakes, start to take away from me.
Pushed into isolation, and it's hard to breathe.
Break yourself over me, Take all you need,
Pour tears on the floor, I'm left unclean.
Binding together, Bleeding one another.
And we don't see eachother, In the same light.
We're an image that's left to die.
One thousand apologies, won't set us free.
From contradictions, from broken dreams.
At the end of our rope and the knot of mine.
Your eyes, your skin,
Thoughts heavy on my mind.
One thousand apologies, Won't set us free.
Track Name: The Early Morning
I can’t look at you anymore, Across the room,
and it kills me, that my word can’t move.
Around where you necklace lays, So gently on your skin,
I’ll never forget the mark, That it leaves pressed on your neck.
Your eyes, Hoping they burn mine.
I hope, Your eyes burn mine.
So I can see again, See life the way you can,
I searched for love, all I found, was Love turning back around.
So I let you walk on past me, your memory.
I lost you once before, there’s no chance for me.
Your eyes, Hoping they burn mine.
I hope, Your eyes burn mine.
I’ll become, another memory.
To you, I feel myself fading away.
Your red sweater, in the early morning.
You’ll never know, That it never stops hurting.
Through cracks, Between pages,
Silence our best friend, Silent adoring.
Your stare fixed, on someone else,
My life remains a fucking mess.
Track Name: Eighteen
Leave your love behind to die,
Only hearing whispers, of love so unkind.
Eighteen, with a broken home to face.
Eighteen, with love to replace.
Retreating into something O can't undo,
Hoping to pour out what I once felt.
I don't need you anymore. Loneliness takes care of itself,
You can't save me anymore. you've saved yourself.
Giving into feeling, Scars left open ending,
Just begging for something, To stop this bleeding.
My heart starts to, die.