Instincts of Suffering

by Rebirth

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released April 13, 2015

Recorded by Jeremy Rasmus



all rights reserved


Rage UK

Metal / Hardcore record label based in the UK.

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Track Name: Mandela
Audio sample spoken by Nelson Mandela.
Track Name: Stormcrow
Calls from the podium, to be united as a team
Cameras capture all, your betrayal seen
You speak of unity, for the good of the nation
To divide the masses, there is no vindication
The fear is growing, a culture marginalised
Crows flocking, truths disguised
Flags are raised, we prepare for war
The crows cannot wait for what’s in store
Our brothers and sisters, we accuse and blame
Burning their homelands, engulfed in flames
We’re only pure for we hold the power
Feasting crows, war is the hour
We punish lands afar for crimes against humanity
As blood stains our flag, hypocrisy our certainty
Innocent life always sacrificed
No excuse is justified
Shades of red cover the land
Madness of war, blood in the sand
We are in the mouth of madness
Track Name: Needles of I
Marching forward on the wings of progress
Living lives filled with excess
Forged by the labors of the poor
Blood and dirt mix on the floor
Infiltration of countries of need
Corporate concern for profits they can bleed
Millions line the factories, dangerous and in disrepair
Workers pushed to breaking and still withhold despair
Necessity and circumstance keeps them chained
While care for their safety is always feigned
Exploitation is never progression!
Education, accountability the only way to cease this madness
To heal our blindness to those who slave away in sadness
The needle of industry sews so much pain
Track Name: Blackened Hands
Concrete fate, no future ahead
Seams undoing, hanging by a thread
Desperate cries in unforgiving night
Glimmers of hope now out of sight
A downward glance to the social pariah
Slipping through the cracks that are getting wider
Blackened hands, shattered lives
Horrors not seen by privileged eyes
Nightmarish visions, a reality
Seeing the depths of this insanity
A society of greed and suffering
Too many failed, left with nothing
System of failure
Betrayer of rights, destroyer of lives
Indifferent to suffering as your pen signs
Betrayer of rights, destroyer of lives
You will be judged, found to be guilty
We see your crimes, have you no humility?
A heart branded by the lives you have taken
A lasting reminder, your compassion forsaken
Track Name: Fortress
Substances takes hold of countless lives
You sit and judge, hissing words of spite
Who are you to judge another's hell?
The ones hollowing out becoming an empty shell
We will never know the pain of their choices made
Why do you recoil? You are afraid
What emptiness drove them into the isolating cold?
Looking deep into the void, the void takes hold
A hunger in their veins that needs to feed
Desperate humanity, seen as disease
You can’t understand, too tied to your pride
Sitting in your fortress only wanting to hide
See through their eyes
Emptiness in the cold
The void takes hold
A hunger in their veins, needing to feed
Desperate, seen as disease
Why can’t you acknowledge human weakness, our frailty?
Addicted to your arrogance, you can’t even see
We fail if we don’t help our fellow man
The hatred you hold, I will never understand