by Vein

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released May 30, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Zach Brown at`Blue Drift studios



all rights reserved


Rage UK

Metal / Hardcore record label based in the UK.

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Track Name: Old Data In A Dead Machine
"words create lies, pain can be trusted"

eyes glued to the window pane
till' the sun comes up to say: "worry, fixate and then repeat"

do you imagine their blood inside your head?
as far as I know, they're all already dead,
caught up in a comfortable lie,
so why aren't you alive yet?

take your own advice before you take theirs

all you wanted was something
that something is nothing
well a'int that something
Track Name: Quitting Infinity
...and for my own sake, I hate to cut the smile from my own face.


goodbye is a new hello
to all the shit you refuse to know
everyday there's a lesson
and nobody listens
until you're forced to let go

just when you think you've figured it out,
passion passes,
glue routine: staring grudgingly down at the dirt of me
the sun that you soak in feels like a burn to me
so it's safe again between the wall and bed
always tired, never rest
lie and eat and fix and...fuck. all these things I thought I dropped
it's all old data in a dead machine,
I'm only denying what I've yet to delete

please rewrite me

in this pool of time and blood,
we occupy the deep til' our feet hit the ground
these tears have cured the cancer of never knowing how to feel or be
and death is the answer to knowing we are temporary
I quit infinity
for as long as I stay awake,
I will not fear what the future brings
what's now is mine to take
Track Name: Untitled
free and radical
shrapnel in the blood
20 seconds per the hour is my speed of consciousness
I see my reflection in the stains of every hardwood floor when I'm too tired to look up

alive by midnight,
and dead by the morning star
this is all I know
do you know who you are?