by Rebirth

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All money from purchase of this release go towards the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Australia that the band support.

Demo released through Until The End Records 2014.

New release in 2015, we'll be putting out their 7" in CS format along with Cause & Effect records as a UK / EU exclusive.


released October 11, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeremy X Rasmus at JMC Studios



all rights reserved


Rage UK

Metal / Hardcore record label based in the UK.

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Track Name: Intro
Constant rebirth into suffering is caused by ignorance.
Track Name: Veil
The veil of secrecy must come to an end
transparency we demand, human rights we defend
the blood of the innocent flows more and more
while bones of the children lie across the sea floor


How many lies have to be told until the truth emerges
Miss-information feed to the masses to quench the resurgence
A tactical ploy to make us fight amongst ourselves
Distracting us away from the truth that they will never tell

Striping away the humanity of the refuggee who,
is only trying to be free

Asylum denied.
Power abused.
Their rights you rape

You will be made accountable in the end
When no jury is left to hear your defence
The names of those who suffer under your care
Will burn into your heart so you feel their despair

Track Name: Iron Fist
History written, the victors account
Brutality omitted, glorification allowed
The blood of a culture wiped clean from the spear
Spoils of war in our ears

We've stolen the earth from under their feet
So many lies, too many deceived
Proud races now forgotten in the shadows
The wounds we inflicted, still seep from the marrow

They were raped, enslaved and tortured
All for the land our fathers hoarded
Now caught in a cycle of shame and guilt
Trapped by the walls, our society built

Will we atone for crimes of the iron fist?
Colonial conquest, a royal kiss
No love from the mother ,only horror and death
The wounds scabs over
but the infection remains

We will never own this land no matter the price
For we have already paid it with so many lives
Track Name: Hidden Evils
Evil personified, crimes are known
Man's sadistic nature has been shown
We see evil as removed from humanity
In doing so we lose the reality

Our moral compass envisioned by idols we create
Pushing away our flaws, the ones we hate
Through these facades we purge our guilt
Scared of the day when our sanity tilts

No gods,no demons, no idols, no martyrs
Only those that we create

Forging realities by the paths we choose
Our hands on the rope as we tighten the noose
Condemning others, never looking inwards
The coldness in our hearts is the only hell

Descend into our only hell

So easy to rise up to the glory of humanity
So easy to fall to the darkest depths of sanity

Evil is humanity without compassion
Or silence when circumstance demands action
We are only one step away from what we despise
But to our greatest heights we can arrive

To our greatest heights, we can arrive
To our greatest heights, we must strive!

Deliver us from evil, can save ourselves?
Track Name: Redemption
We cant ignore the cost of the war machine
Our destruction is assured as it is foreseen
With the spear in hand we cannot see
to call us civilized is insanity

The end never justifies the means
While the blood on the spear gleams
We only furthering the suffering and violence
Will you stand in defiance?

War is never right

Struggling to keep our hands clean
Trying to wash them free of our collective sins?
I won't give up hope for our redemption
No hope for any better, drives us all towards extinction

The end never justifies the means
While the blood on the spear gleams
We only furthering the suffering and violence
Will you stand in defiance?

Our moral end is near, if we think murder is justified
Will we see our error, as we take another life?
Tell me it's right, when children lay dead
With so many lives lost, we simply forget
Track Name: Rebirth
Rising from the silt and mud of human misery
My resolve to change, addiction my enemy
Reborn into a clear mind of discipline and determination
I decide my own fate, my own damnation

This is my rebirth.

Straight Edge.