Built Upon Hatred

by Built Upon Hatred

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Many thanks to Sam at Gradient Recordings.


released February 4, 2016

Gradient Recordings



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Rage UK

Metal / Hardcore record label based in the UK.

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Track Name: Melancholia
I smile as the air runs out of oxygen, till the lights turn dim. My lungs are bleeding, and I can't turn back, the horror of realizing it's just begun grows so fucking strong.

And i'm hoping that I can forget about this life and the hopeless thoughts that fall motionlessly from the twilight of the cold sun.

Poised for destruction standing face to face with my own demise knowing I can't succeed in this life, through the times all I feel is such great remorse.

Carved out through this life by such bitter memories, turn my face, erase this fate, leave this place and fucking go.

It's funny to me now. I just don't feel the same, living life day to day in this world of pain.
Track Name: The Crown Is Ours
This new perspective gives me strength, forging your fake life just to succeed. Time and time again you forget there's no remorse for the weak.

You've been in this city for years and you still can't call it home, time stops still when you lose it all and now I know my true friends are waiting on the call.

No dice, holding it down for life, back to back side by side brothers until we die.

Through this unparalleled spite we'll take back what's ours, you will fucking learn from this fall.

Now the life you deemed so perfect has led to nothing but desertion.

You threw it all away, but you always knew it would end this way.
Track Name: I Can't Wait
The consequence of an unloved life, your features and mind segregated to keep the two from appearing close, and you couldn't help but sense you're as ugly as you felt on the inside.

Your failed attempts at a camouflaged existence, the little secret you always kept and now I know that you weren't meant to be.

The blood ran from your legs, only to drip from your white laces, the slits in your neck were testament to this commitment.

Keeping an injured animal is no kinder than letting them die, and with a smile we waved goodbye.

The blood washes away and you were gone as as fast as you came. She had so much to live for they screamed and as the worms violate you I can't help but wait for you to enjoy.

I can't help but wait for you to enjoy your whole life.
Track Name: Discontinue (Ft. Josh of Hvman Teeth)
It's too late for us. The way we perceived the chances we received will leave us with nothing.

I visualize and wait for the end to come, the dark skies crust, crust over red with our coagulated blood. Our pointless lives go by so fast, coming to terms with knowing nothing good in this world will last.

Our lives so blissfully ignorant how can we not see the living apocalypse?

Life where greed dominates all, institutions fail where they all promised to perform. This world ends now with a bitter taste...

... In my mouth, I slam into the cold ground.

I close my eyes, feel the cold breeze, look down and say goodbye to this life.

And now I can't control my feelings, my thoughts, and this pure embodiment of hatred that i'm seeing.

The world will cry, as I laugh. Leave you all with nothing but this track.

I close my eyes, feel the cold breeze, look down and say goodbye to this life.